Dear IOM members,

You are invited to nominate scientists for the 25th IOM Awards.

The award categories are:

Emmy Klieneberger-Nobel Award — for outstanding research in mycoplasmology.

Derrick Edward Award — for outstanding research in mycoplasmology by a young investigator.

Peter Hannan Award — for outstanding research in applied clinical mycoplasmology.

Robert F. Whitcomb Award – for outstanding research in plant and insect mycoplasmology.


The awardees will give a keynote talk at the 2024 Congress and be awarded with a certificate and a check for $1000 U.S.

Detailed instructions regarding eligibility and procedures for each award are available through the new IOM website under the link:


Deadline: To be considered in the current competition for Awards presented at the 2024 IOM Congress, all nominating documents (including the award nomination form) MUST be sent electronically to Inna Lysnyansky ([email protected]), Chair of the IOM Awards Committee by December 15th, 2023.

Enquiries about the process are also welcome.


Additional IOM awards, which will require abstract submissions, will be advertised in future announcements about the 2024 IOM Congress in Gran Canaria. These include the Louis Dienes Award for a postdoctoral fellow in Mycoplasmology and the Harry Morton Student Award for a graduate student in Mycoplasmology. Descriptions of these awards are also available at the above link.


Candidates for the above-referenced awards will be evaluated by recently appointed the IOM Awards Committee.

IOM Awards Committee:

Inna Lysnyansky (Israel)

Amir H. Noormohammadi (Australia)

Sanjay Vashee  (USA)

Tsuyoshi Kenri (Japan)

Roger Dumke (Germany)

Laure Béven (France)

Jose Perez-Casal (Canada)

Amit Yadav  (India)

Aizhen Guo (China)

Birgit Henrich (Germany)

Wei Wei (USA)